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oakley sunglasses outlet sale How to let them What's real? What's not? 'Philo said. Similar to this problem, in varying degrees, but also every independent and wise women in their daily lives need to think about. All along, Philo I have a very low-key in the dress, she believes that the charm of women is not the same as the elaborate dress under the jewels, in contrast, she is more focused on simple luxury. Thus, in the new season Céline design, those wild elements - especially Céline for the first time to show the animal prints - to be further sublimation, become more abstract, with distinct modernity. Bra outline of the sling dress shows a slim model of the figure, faded girl feelings, abandon the pragmatism, more lazy and elegant, and even sultry frivolous; Behind the white linen lace decorated with a coat Then cleverly exposed the most sexy and charming spine. It's a series of 'sexy and sensual' walks, Philo explains, 'and interprets it through Céline's law.' Since taking over the brand in October 2008, Philo has been successful in using the Céline discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet Céline pays great attention to the practical function of the work, placing it in the same important position as high-quality raw materials and high-level design. Of course, more importantly, the women who choose Céline appear to be more interested in pleasing themselves when they dress. They are unrestrained, full of spirituality, diverse and varied in personality, and their personal style and choice of dressing are changing. A colorful grace. 'We used the fabric must be high quality, which I unswervingly.' As early as 2011 when we first met, Philo so stressed to me. 'The other key is to do fine tailoring, we spent a lot of energy.Only when the work to achieve the desired effect, can I really satisfied with the studio staff are mostly from France, they have the top fashion house Service experience, has a unique craftsmanship. 'This is Philo persistent pursuit of the two core: the quality of heritage and sophisticated tailoring. She used a unique vision of the perfect combination of the two, and constantly promote the oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet development of fashion trends, but also continue to bring new surprises. 'I want my wardrobe in the classic iconic design, I do not need to change their style, as long as the change in color and texture on it.' Philo convinced, 'I think too many pieces of clothing is Céline's clothing and accessories have been pursuing quality for years to come, and the baptism of the years continues to be a favorite among people, 'he said, noting that they would be' in the end. ' Such as many examples, such as imitation men's shirts, with or without collar, stripes or solid color, never change their ancestors; another example, broad-legged trousers, also derived from men's style, the industry 's most sophisticated pants profile; Such as the previously mentioned Crombie, navy coat and perfect tailoring vest, they form a classic Céline wardrobe. At the same time, Céline on the basis of classic yet yet tide, each quarter of the new elements not only with the original style of The perfect fit, but also also further fashion charm. oakley sunglasses factory outlet